NNABA Executive Appointments Project

Are you interested in pursuing an Executive Appointment in the Biden Administration and learning how the National Native American Bar Association (“NNABA”) can help support your application?  The NNABA Executive Appointments Project has been launched to connect interested NNABA members and Native lawyers with the application process for key agency positions within the Biden-Harris administration.

NNABA strives to support Native attorneys throughout their legal careers and, if you are not already a NNABA member, we invite you to join our community so we can include your appointment materials in our recommendations to the Biden-Harris transition team. To join NNABA please visit our website at: https://www.nativeamericanbar.org/memberships/.

In their efforts to attract diverse talent, the Biden Administration has reached out to NNABA to help facilitate the executive appointments process.  The Biden Administration is very interested in reviewing your application. 

The following information will help you begin the Executive Appointment application process. 

Application Process Action Steps:

  • Complete your online application [buildbackbetter.com] on the Biden Administration website.
  • If you would like to be considered for an endorsement from the NNABA Executive Appointments Project, please attach your resume, letters of support, recommendations, cover letter in PDF format and send to the NNABA email address at:  [email protected].  In addition, please include the following information which will be submitted to the Biden Administration point of contact along with your materials:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Current Title
    4. Current Organization
    5. Email
    6. Phone Number
    7. LinkedIn Link
    8. Bio – 250 words (approximately 4-to 6 strong and concise sentences that demonstrate candidate’s accomplishments and/or fit for the role of interest).
    9. 3 specific roles of interest:  title, office, agency – please refer to the plum book [govinfo.gov].
    10. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion information:  Examples: American Indian, Veteran, LGBTQ, etc.
    11. Past Government Experience – in bullet form:  Title and Agency

Additional Suggestions/Resources

Judicial Nominations Update

For more information on the judicial nominations process, please contact Thomasina Real Bird at [email protected].  

Finally, for any questions about the NNABA Executive Appointments process, please contact Debra Gee at [email protected] or at (580) 310-4561 or Geneva Thompson at [email protected] or at (707) 732-8187.

Thank you and good luck!