NNABA at 2020 CBAC Washington DC

ON February 27, 2020, NNABA joined with other bars of color, including the HNBA, NBA and NAPABA, in coordinating lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C. concerning issues relevant to our mission as voluntary bar leaders. Specifically we met with Senators and Congressional leaders to discuss and fight for voter registration, immigration reform, and the Violence Against Women Act’s authorization. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to hold a reception for one of the first Native American Woman members of Congress, Deborah Halaand, and hear her passion and direction as she helps lead this country. NNABA was in charge of this year’s CBAC meeting and, thanks to Makalika Naholowaa and her staff at Microsoft, we were able to have one of the best lobbying efforts for our organizations. Looking forward to next year’s lobbying days.